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One Billion Rising Flash Mob How-To

Groups around the world will be performing flash mobs for One Billion Rising on 14 February 2013.  Flash mobs are surprise performances of choreographed dances in public places where people will gather together to dance and celebrate One Billion Rising.  These flash mobs will be a creative expression as well as raising awareness about violence against women and girls.

Break the Chain – One Billion Rising Anthem & Flash Mob Theme
The legendary dancer Debbie Allen has choreographed a simple dance sequence to the One Billion Rising anthem “Break the Chain” written by acclaimed songwriter Tena Clark.  “Break the Chain” was recorded by young women and the flash mob features teens from around the New York City area.  This video is an inspiration for One Billion Rising flash mobs that will take place on 14 February 2013.


Step 1:  Learn the steps:
The Break the Chain tutorial video is available for you to learn the in choreography by Debbie Allen.  Students from the Brooklyn High School for the Arts break down the moves in simple steps that are easy to follow.  Your group can practice the steps together and the video can also be used to learn the steps at home.

LEARN the dance from Debbie Allen herself with her Break The Chain instructional video 

Also CHECK OUT the “How To” dance video by the Senior dance class at the Brooklyn High School of the Arts 

DOWNLOAD the MP3 of “Break The Chain”

Step 2: Choose dance leaders
Identify a few people in your flash mob group that know the choreography well who can lead rehearsals.  Additionally, you will want to have a few people who will be “dance leaders” for the day of your flash mob.  These dancers should be placed visibly so they can help prompt anyone who might forget some of the steps.  Consider having these dancers elevated in some way so they are visible to the group.

Step 3: Gather your dancers and find a place to practice
Get the word out and gather a group that will rehearse and perform the flash mob.  The steps are simple and easy for anyone to perform.  You can recruit dance studios, yoga studios, fitness and Zumba studios in your area to offer a space for you to rehearse and perform and invite their students to be a part of the event.   You could also practice in a school, church, theatre, someone’s home, or any place that offers enough room for you to gather and rehearse.  An online tutorial that breaks down the steps will be available soon.  The online tutorial will also allow people to practice the steps on their own.  You do not need to be an experienced dancer to organize or dance in the flash mob!

Step 4:  Scout a location to perform
Choose a public location where your flash mob will make the most impact in your community.  Perform your flash mob in a place where people are likely to be gathered. Groups are performing in the streets, in parks, malls, street corners, in front of legislative or landmark buildings, and more. If you are a student group, consider performing in your school cafeteria, quad or commons area, student lounge, etc.  Be creative in your location!  Research to see if there are any permits or permission necessary to perform in the location you have selected.

Step 5: Invite your friends and networks – publicize!
Invite as many people as possible to join your flash mob.  Use the power of your Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and other social media to reach out to your networks.

Step 6: Perform and film your One Billion Rising flash mob
Perform your flash mob on 14 February 2013 and make sure you have designated someone to take digital video of your performance to share.

Dance and shake the planet into a new way of thinking! Strike! Dance! Rise!

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